Here at Coulson Entertainment collaboration is our guiding principle as we bring talented partners together to create world class TV Shows and Films. We have produced our own TV shows and we have been collaborating with some of the biggest Canadian and US networks. We know how to take full advantage of the fiscal benefits offered in Canada and abroad for treaty co-productions and co-ventures.


Leveraging nearly 10 years of experience in the film and tv industry by renting aviation props and Aircraft Mock-ups to some of the biggest US film studios and films, now we are expending our services providing a full comprehensive production services for any type of project in Canada and US. Having offices both in Canada and US, helps us to provide services in both countries without sacrificing the quality!


Coulson Entertainment in collaboration with Coulson aviation specializes in Helicopter & Aircraft Mock-ups, & Airplane Prop Rentals for movie, film & tv production. Airplane Interiors, Airport Set Dressing. Narrow Body, Wide Body and Executive Airline Interiors. Airport and Cabin Set Dressing. Fuselage Exterior, Cargo Interior, Overhead bins, Oxygen masks, Pillows, Blankets and everything aviation related.

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