Helping cinematographers who demand excellence and expediency.

What we do

We provide services for film production companies who require specialized aviation related content. See our past customer list.


Rotary (helicopter) and fixed wing aircraft rentals + ex-military pilots.


Capturing footage for your full length feature films or television productions.

Film Editing

Post editing services for full length feature films and television.


Here at Coulson Entertainment collaboration is our guiding principle as we bring talented partners together to create world class TV Shows and Films. Learn more here…


Leveraging nearly 10 years of experience in the film and tv industry by renting aviation props and Aircraft Mock-ups to some of the biggest US film studios and films. Learn more here…


Coulson Entertainment in collaboration with Coulson aviation specializes in Helicopter & Aircraft Mock-ups, & Airplane Prop Rentals for movie, film & tv production. Learn more here…

making magic

When your film needs aviation related scenes we’re there for you!


Satisfied Clients

Aircraft Types


Why we’re different

We are a Canadian based aviation company so our flight crews and engineers are especially adept when it comes to safety. Canada is reknown for having some of the strictest regulations in the world.

Our Work

Our client list includes Columbia Pictures, Sony Entertainment, DC Entertainment, Legendary Pictures, Warner Brothers, Point Grey Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Marvel Entertainment and Disney Studios.


Our pilots, maintenance engineers, cinemaphotographers, and logistic experts BRING IT when you’re project demands the best!

When the chips are down and time is short, our staff of ex-military flight crews, cinemaphotographers, engineers, and support staff can adapt to almost any film set situation quickly. We do this with the highest safety regiments adhered to no matter how demanding your shoot is.

  • Safety – 110%
  • Flexibility – 110%
  • Efficiency – 110%

We understand the level of commitment and perseverance it takes to fully realize your vision; from your imagination to the final edit! Our highly energetic team has your back on every take; striving for perfection, realism, and beauty.


Our pilots have experience flying in some of the most demanding conditions on earth; such as aerial firefighting, search & rescue, and military combat. 

Coulson Entertainment

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